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Mr. Ahmed Zakaria is one of the leading educational figures in the field of teaching English language as first foreign language to Egypt#39;s secondary school students. He has been working as a teacher of English since 1989 until now. Since then Mr. Ahmed Zakaria has devoted all his efforts, throughout his career, for the sake of boys and girls of secondary school students to provide them with the experience he has gained throughout his career for 30 years in Egypt and abroad. Mr. Ahmed Zakaria has participated in preparing many books and programmes of English language to 2nd and 3rd year secondary stage students. He also took part in publishing a lot of masterpieces in English language and its grammar. Besides, he presented the educational programmes on the Egyptian TV. to make it available for all students all over Egypt to benefit from his experience and to make sure his students have full command of the different language skills. He is still exerting his utmost effort to provide his students with all the knowledge, they may need, to make them achieve success throughout their life.

Mr.Ahmed Zakaria El-Hakem

English Teacher

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To participate in bringing up a generation who are able to deal with the various cultures, a generation who have the potentials to communicate with the world's youth and to be honorably competitive in all the international educational fields and to make them able to achieve the highest ranks.

Preparing a promising generation who has a good command of other foreign languages to cope with scientific progress.

Presenting the English language as a foreign language in a simple and easy way to help students acquire the language easily and comfortably.

- Acquiring scientific honesty and achieving human communication.

- The student is the main pillar of the educational process.

- Providing students with the right educational environment which can help them achieve the highest results.

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